Please see dates and prices below

October 2022

We are currently planning the 2022 pumpkin picking season. Please check back soon.





Ornamental Pumpkins- from £2

Extra Small- £2

Small- £4

Medium- £6

Large- £8

X Large- £10

Pumpkin carving will be available for an extra £1 per pumpkin

Please wear weather appropriate clothing


Event address: Thistledown Farm, Babcary, Somerset, TA11 7DS. Once you see signs on A37 please follow these to the entrance.


Do I have to book?

No booking in required, our field is large enough to allow everyone to social distance and if it does start to crowd then we will create a socially distanced queuing system

Do I need to wear a face mask?

Currently no according to Government Legislation. However, we would also encourage visitors to wear masks wherever they feel comfortable to do so

How can you ensure good hygeine?

Good hygiene and cleaning will be maintained in all public areas. Areas of contact such as the photo opportunity pop out faces will be wiped regularly, there will be a sanitising station for the wheelbarrows, there are sinks, hand sanitising stations and the toilets will be cleaned and monitored at regular intervals. Also, signage and markings will be in place and appropriate PPE for staff where necessary

How much will the pumpkins be?

Once you have picked your pumpkins we have size rings which will determine the price. Ranging from £2 to £20

How will I bring my pumpkin from the field to the pay station?

There will be an option to grab a large wheel barrow so you can transport your pumpkins around

What if it rains?

We will still be open and will still be welcoming you. Why not bring your wellies, waterproofs and umbrellas with you

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately dogs are not permitted on site unless they are a service dog

Will First Aid be available?

Yes, we will have First Aiders on site but their interaction with you will be limited (except in a life critical incident). They will attend and provide you with First Aid products for you to administer to your family member yourself

Do you accept card?

Yes, you can pay for your pumpkins and other goods with card. However - we are in the middle of the countryside and we do experience the odd niggle - so it might be wise to have some cash ready

Will you have toilets?

Yes we have toilet facilities

Are the pumpkins edible?

Most definitely! All of our orange pumpkins are carefully grown and looked after by hand. Why not make pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie

What times and dates are you open?

Please visit the top of this page for more details



Our 8 varieties of pumpkins were planted with loving care and placed under bio degradable plastic to encourage them to germinate. 


Growing (Pumpkin)

Once the flower dies back the pumpkin starts to grow,


Growing (Plant)

The pumpkins now how leaves. We have been round all of them and pulled out the big weeds along with making sure the spacing between the pumpkins is just right to ensure the pumpkins can grow properly with maximum exposure to sunlight.



The pumpkins are ready to harvest once the leaves have died back and they are the desired colour. To harvest we have to cut each stem off every plant by hand.



The bumble bees are out and are hard at work pollinating the flowers. Once the flower has been pollinated then it dies back and the pumpkin starts to grow.


Ready to Pick Your Own Pumpkin

Now we are ready to welcome everyone to pick your own pumpkin. We have all shapes and sizes and even white pumpkins. Grab a wheelbarrow, stack it high with pumpkins and then place them in our grading machine to determine the price. Whilst you're here save the hassle and mess at home and carve your own pumpkin for another £1/pumpkin.